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Group Study Overview:

As part of our commitment to student success, ACI Learning offers our students access to our team of certified Instructors and Instructor/Mentors.

Our team of certified instructors are prepared to convey concepts and topics presented in class in a way to enhance your understanding of the material. We highly encourage all ACI Learning students to take advantage of this resource to further review course materials and explore real-world applications of the concepts presented in class.

Group Study Information and Schedule:

These Group Study sessions will address topics that typically present challenges to students in our Computer User Support Specialist program. The sessions will contain supplemental information to complement in-class instruction. Starting October 9th, 2023, our Group Study sessions will be delivered virtually via Zoom. Below is a table that breaks down the weekly schedule and topics for Group Study:

Please note: ACI Learning observes the following holidays and will not hold Group Study on these days:

  • Labor Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day (observed)

  • New Years Day (observed)

  • Week of Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Eve/Day

How to Enroll into Group Study:

Students can self-enroll into the Group Study session topic(s) of choice directly from their dashboard in their Learning Portal.

  1. From the dashboard view in the learning portal, navigate to the Free Topical Focused Study groups section listed under the calendar. Select the To Enroll Today (click here) button.

2. Select a topic from the available menu.

3. On the registration page, navigate to the top right and locate the section titled Free. From the dropdown, select the date that best fits your schedule then select the Enroll button.

4. Once enrolled, a pop-up notification will confirm your registration. The course shell can be accessed through this notification by selecting Start Learning Now.

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 to register for additional Group Study sessions. There is no limit to the number of registration sessions that can be completed at a time. However, due to space limitations, please make sure you are only registering for sessions you know you can attend.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What topics are available for Group Study Session?

A: Below is a table that breaks down the weekly schedule for Group Study.

For more information, please refer to the Group Study Information and Schedule section of this article.

Q: How do these group sessions differ from Open Mentoring Sessions?

A: Group Study is catered to discussing a specific topic each day. The sessions will consist of an instructor-led review of the assigned topic for 20-30 minutes, followed by an open forum Q&A.

Please remember that joining a session late may result in support not being fully rendered.

Q: How do these group sessions differ from in-class instruction?

A: This is a supplemental resource provided to our students at ACI Learning. During Group Study, our Instructors and Instructor/Mentors will be providing additional real-world examples, graphics and animations, and an open forum discussion at the end of the session.

Please remember that joining a session late may result in support not being fully rendered.

Q: Who will lead the discussion(s) in the study session?

A: Sessions will be led primarily by our certified Instructor/Mentors and may also include Instructors, when available.

Q: Upon completing these study sessions, will I earn any badges or certificates?

A: No badges or certificates will be granted to students who complete these sessions.

Q: Who is eligible to join the Group Study?

A: Current ACI Learning students and ACI Learning alumni are eligible to join the Group Study. Please note that registration spots are limited. Registrations received for current students (students still within their two-year learning guarantee) will be granted priority.

Alumni students (students who are beyond their two-year learning guarantee) are eligible to sign-up for the Group Study and will be confirmed to attend if space is still available.

Q: Am I required to sign-up for the Group Study to be eligible to receive my voucher?

A: No, Group Study is not required for students looking to obtain an exam voucher. However, these sessions may prove beneficial to our students for pre-exam studying.

If you have questions regarding the voucher release process, please refer to this article.

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