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Course Schedule Overview:

All ACI Learning students will attend class for 20 hours a week or more and are considered full-time students. ACI Learning runs classes based on demand and starts cohorts based on a three- or six-week cycle. Classes will start on Monday unless a holiday necessitates a Tuesday start.

Observed Holidays:

ACI Learning observes the following holidays and will not hold classes on these days:

  • Labor Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day (Observed)

  • New Years (Observed)

  • Week of Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Eve/Day

Students should check their enrollment agreement paperwork to confirm their course schedule if they registered for a class during any of the above-referenced holidays.

Enrollment Agreement Paperwork:

Within the ACI Learning Student Enrollment Agreement paperwork, there is a comprehensive learning plan. This learning plan details the intended training program, training start, and training end dates. The learning plan also details specific courses within the program, as well as the locations, times, and start/end dates for these courses.

Students can refer to their learning plan to be informed as to their course schedule through ACI Learning. Once registered for classes, the Learning Portal can also be utilized to confirm course scheduling.

The Learning Portal:

Docebo is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by ACI Learning. It is also known as the Learning Portal. To access the Learning Portal, click here.

Any courses students are enrolled in will be listed under the My Courses section of the Learning Portal. Once students sign their enrollment documents and are confirmed to start courses based on their learning plan, course tiles should appear under the My Courses section. If students are enrolled and do not see course tiles, they should outreach to support via the chat bubble in the Learning Portal.

The calendar is an alternate way to navigate to any upcoming courses students are scheduled to attend. When students are scheduled to attend a course, their calendar will have a purple dot underneath the date, signifying enrollment. By selecting a date with a dot underneath and clicking on it, a more detailed schedule view will appear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I see my course schedule?

A: There are multiple ways to view your upcoming course schedule through ACI Learning. Students can view their respective learning plans, which are contained within the enrollment agreement paperwork that is signed at the time of class registration. Course schedules can also be viewed within the Learning Portal.

Within the ACI Learning Portal, navigate to the My Courses section, where you will be able to view and select all courses for which you are registered. By selecting a specific course tile, you will be able to view class dates and session times.

Q: When do I log in to start my class?

A: ACI Learning recommends arriving/logging into class 30 minutes early on the first day of class to get familiar with all resources and technologies. After the first day of class, it is a best practice to arrive/log in 15 minutes before the start of class. Oftentimes, instructors are available before class starts, which is an excellent way to pose questions and get additional clarity on course content and topics.

Q: I have a question for my instructor outside of class time. How do I contact my instructor?

A: On the first day of class, instructors typically will provide their ACI Learning contact information. Please take note of your instructor’s contact information at this time. If contact information is not provided, please contact Support through the chat bubble.

Q: I am scheduled to take my classes virtually. What are the technical requirements and guidelines for virtual class attendance?

A: If taking classes remotely, it is recommended that students find a place that is quiet and dedicated to study time to reduce distractions and interruptions that can impact the class.

In addition to a dedicated space, ACI Learning recommends other tools to enhance the overall learning experience, including but not limited to a hardline internet connection, a headset with a microphone, and a laptop or PC (cell phones and tablets are not recommended). Google Chrome is our preferred browser and dual monitors are optional but can improve the overall learning experience.

Q: There is inclement weather in my area. How will this affect my course schedule?

A: ACI Learning values the safety of our students and staff. We closely monitor weather reports and will proceed with closures if it is deemed unsafe to travel. When an unexpected closure occurs due to extraordinary conditions, such as inclement weather, students will be notified as soon as possible by phone call, text message, email, and/or chat with closure information.

If you have concerns about inclement weather and whether classes will be held, please contact Support through the chat bubble.

Q: Does ACI Learning allow students to re-sit classes that have been completed?

A: Yes, however, we strongly recommend that students take advantage of all available supplemental resources before requesting a re-sit. ACI Learning provides access to Instructor/Mentors, ITPro video content, hands-on labs, and exam prep materials. These are all intended to provide wraparound support and knowledge for course completers. Many alumni find the combination of these resources to be the most effective option over a course re-sit.

If you would still like to re-sit a course, please contact Support through the chat bubble.

Q: My original course schedule no longer works for me. What are my options?

A: If you need to reschedule your classes, please contact Support through the chat bubble. Once your request has been received, the Enrollment Services team will assist you in addressing your needs.

While ACI Learning makes every effort to accommodate schedule conflicts for our students, it is important to note that the approval of rescheduling is contingent upon the rules and regulations set forth by your funding source. We cannot guarantee that reschedule requests will be granted due to these external factors.

To ensure the highest likelihood of a successful reschedule, please proactively address any schedule conflicts before the start of your program. Please note that some funding sources may require supporting documentation when requesting a schedule change. Enrollment Services will notify you if supporting documentation is needed.

For more detailed information on ACI Learning’s reschedule policy, please consult our Course Catalog.

Q: I need to cancel my classes. What are my options?

A: If you need to cancel your classes, please contact Support through the chat bubble. Once your request has been received, the Enrollment Services team will assist you in addressing your needs.

For more detailed information on ACI Learning’s cancellation policy, please consult our Course Catalog.

Q: My class has been cancelled. What is ACI Learning’s refund policy?

A: ACI Learning’s refund policy varies by state and funding source. For more detailed information on ACI Learning’s refund policy, please consult our Course Catalog and outreach to a member of Enrollment Services.

To be connected to a Enrollment Services, please contact Support through the chat bubble.

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