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Customize Your ACI Portal with White Labeling
Customize Your ACI Portal with White Labeling

How to add custom branding to the ACI Learning Portal

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White Labeling Overview

As a Seat Admin through ProPortal, you have the ability to customize your ACI Video On Demand portal to match your brand's colors and logo. This article will guide you through the process of customizing your ACI Portal.

Customization Options

There are three customization options available for your ACI portal: color picker inputs, a text field input for a logo URL, and a number selector for the button corner radius.

Color Picker Inputs

The color picker inputs allow you to choose the colors that will be used for your ACI portal. You can select the colors that best match your brand's color scheme. Simply click on the color picker input and choose the color you want to use.

Text Field Input for Logo URL

The text field input allows you to enter the URL for your company's logo. This logo will be displayed on your ACI portal, giving your employees a visual representation of your brand.

Number Selector for Button Corner Radius

The number selector allows you to choose the corner radius for the buttons on your ACI. This will give your ACI portal a more polished and professional look.

Submitting Your Customization

Please note that in order for your customization to be applied, you must fill out every input field. If any field is left blank, the data will not be sent to the API. Also take note of the Reset Changes button. This button allows you to clear out any custom values and restore the default ACI values. Once the changes are reset, you must click Apply Changes to save the reset.


Customizing your ACI portal is a simple and easy process. With the color picker inputs, text field input for logo URL, and number selector for button corner radius, you can create an ACI portal that truly represents your brand. Remember to fill out all input fields and use the Reset button if needed. If you have any further questions or need assistance with customizing your ACI portal, please reach out to our User Support team using the chat bubble.

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