Mid-Course Assessments
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Mid-Course Assessment Overview:

Mid-course assessments are administered on the first Friday of class to our ACI Learning students. Cameras are required throughout the entire assessment. This assessment is open-book and open-note.

The mid-course assessment is used as a tool to benchmark course progress and determine concept proficiency levels. It is a nice midpoint check to gauge how students are progressing through the course and can serve as an opportunity to identify potential areas of improvement.

Students have unlimited attempts to pass the mid-course assessment with a minimum score of 70%.

Instructor/Mentor Assistance:

As part of our commitment to student success, ACI Learning offers our students access to our team of certified Instructor/Mentors, who are available regularly outside of class time.

Based on performance in the mid-course assessment, students may wish to schedule some time to meet with our Instructor/Mentor team to review topics and concepts in need of additional study time/practice.

1:1 Appointment:

1:1 appointments can be valuable when seeking personalized assistance with course content and/or certification preparation. These sessions are scheduled in 25-minute increments and can be booked through our scheduling page.

Open Mentoring Session:

Open Mentoring Sessions are conducted throughout the week and do not require a scheduled appointment ahead of time. These sessions are hosted on a round-robin basis with our Instructor/Mentor team and run Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 3 PM CT and Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM CT. Students can join these sessions for the 4-hour duration or pop in and out as their schedule permits.

Please keep in mind that joining a session late may result in support not being able to be fully rendered. As a best practice, we recommend that students join these sessions with at least 90 minutes to spare.

These group-style sessions are moderated by our Instructor/Mentors and provide a virtual learning commons space where students guide the discussion and topics through open forum Q&A. Students can opt to use these sessions to review topics and concepts presented in class or as a dedicated study hall.

To join Open Mentoring Session, please select this link.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does the mid-course assessment cover?

A: ACI Learning’s Content Development and Instructor Support teams work together to evaluate the course material for learning outcomes and material knowledge checks throughout the course.

The mid-course assessment will cover course content and concepts presented in the first half of the course (days one through five). The questions presented in the mid-course assessment are reviewed routinely and are evaluated regularly.

Q: My mid-course assessment shell did not populate on the first Friday of class. What happened?

A: As a reminder, mid-course assessments are administered on the first Friday of class to all students.

If the mid-course shell did not populate, please let your Instructor and the Support team know as soon as possible. Please contact Support through the chat bubble within the learning portal.

Q: How much time is allocated for the assessment?

A: All course assessments are allotted one hour for completion, per attempt.

Q: Do all courses have a mid-course assessment?

A: Yes. Mid-course assessments provide a quantitative benchmark and knowledge check. As such, all courses you take through ACI Learning will have a mid-course assessment component.

Keep in mind that mid-course assessment scores do not impact a student’s ability to pass the course/program.

Q: Do I have to have my camera on for the mid-course assessment if I am in an online course?

A: Yes. Cameras are required for all virtual class offerings. Please ensure that cameras remain on for the duration of the mid-course assessment. Keep in mind that the mid-course assessment is open-book and open-note with unlimited attempts.

Q: Am I required to take the mid-course assessment?

A: The mid-course assessment is not mandatory and does not affect a student’s standing within the class. However, the mid-course assessment is used as an academic benchmark to review how the student is doing within the class and if they may need academic assistance in preparing for the mandatory end-course assessment. Therefore, it is highly recommended that students complete the mid-course assessment.

Q: What if I do not pass my mid-course assessment?

A: If a student does not pass the mid-course assessment, they are still considered in good standing with their course. However, not passing is an indicator that they may need further assistance with the course material and concepts.

We encourage all students who do not pass the mid-course assessment to schedule a time to meet with our Instructor/Mentor team. For more information, please consult the Instructor/Mentor Assistance section of this article.

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