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Legacy Section of the Course Library
Legacy Section of the Course Library
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Legacy Overview

Certifications and courses change rapidly in the IT field, and so does the ITPro course library. When an updated version of a course is released, the older version is moved to the Legacy section.

The Legacy section can be found in the Category tab of the Courses page after you login to your ITPro account. Legacy courses are older versions of our current courses, or content that may be retired or obsolete for modern technologies.

How to Search For Legacy Courses

There are two ways to search Legacy courses.

  1. You can use the search icon located in the upper right hand side of your screen.

2. Click on the Legacy tile from the courses page and use your computers search function (Control + F for Windows or Command + F for Mac) to search.

Practice Labs and Practice Tests for Legacy Courses

If a course is replaced or retired to the Legacy section, the associated practice test or lab may no longer be associated directly with the course, or these may be removed. To check if these features are available, navigate to the Virtual Labs or Practice Tests page, then click the Legacy tile there. You can search the list with your browser's Find tool.

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