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The different video options available for viewing ITPRO

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Video player controls

In addition to standard video controls, you can access more options from the video player's settings menu. In this menu you can find options to adjust video resolution, turn on/off captions, choose the video play speed, and more. You can even access video player options with keyboard shortcuts located here.

Picture In Picture (PIP)

Picture in Picture mode, allows you to watch video while using other apps. You can switch to PIP mode using the switch located in the episode overlay.


The autoplay feature allows you to keep your studies going without having to manually select the next video. When active, auto-play will play three (3) ITPro episodes before asking if you need a break. This feature can be toggled on and off in the episode overlay menu when using a browser.

Skipping Intros/Outros

This feature will allow you to skip the first and last 10 seconds of an episode allowing you to jump right back into learning without missing a beat.

Podcast Mode

Switch to podcast mode in the episode overlay for some audio-only learning. Podcast mode allows you to multi-task while enjoying ITPro's content.

More Ways to view ITPRO

ITPro offers multiple ways to view the amazing content we provide. Content can be streamed across a variety of devices using our apps or casted to supported devices. Here are some ways to view ITPro.


ITPro has mobile apps and apps for viewing via Roku and AppleTV! You can download ITPro from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Learn more about how to use and install our applications with these articles.


ITPro does not currently support casting using IOS or Android.

ITPro does not currently support AirPlay.

Have more questions about viewing ITPro? Reach out to User Support by using the chat bubble on this screen.

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