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Searching the ITPRO Course Library
Searching the ITPRO Course Library

How to find courses in the ITPro Course Library

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Searching the ITPro Course Library Overview

Welcome to the ITPro Course Library! Here, you can search through hundreds of hours of courses and content.

Browsing Courses

Content is sorted by Category, Certification, Learning Paths and Bookmarks at the top of the Courses page which is viewable when you login to your ITPro account.

Searching Courses

You can also use the search bar at the top right-hand corner of the page to search for complete courses, individual episodes, or bonus series, such as podcasts and webinars.

If you know the exact certification exam code you are looking for (eg: SY0-601), you can type it into the search bar to bring you directly to the associated course.

Sorting search results by Episode will help you jump right into material on the topic.

Note that older courses moved to the Legacy section will now appear in the search results. Learn more about the Legacy section of the course library here.


Q: How do I remove a bookmark?

A: You can remove a bookmark by clicking the red flag next to your bookmarked course. The flag should turn white and you should see that the course/episode has been removed from the bookmark section of the dashboard.

Can’t find the course you’re looking for?

Reach out to the User Support team by clicking the yellow chat bubble. If the course you’d like to see isn’t available yet, they can assist in submitting a Course Request for you!

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