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Troubleshooting Episode Completion
Troubleshooting Episode Completion

How to complete episodes for ITPRO/Audit Pro courses.

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Troubleshooting Episode Completion

Sometimes when watching a course, you may experience difficulty getting an episode to complete. This article will help you troubleshoot episode completion issues.

Mark Episode as Viewed

If you are having difficulty with getting an episode to complete, you can click the "Mark episode as viewed" box.

Turn off Auto-Play and Skip Intros/Outros

If you are using the Skip Intros/Outros or Auto-Play features, be aware that it does take time for our system to update your viewing history and using these features can delay your progress from updating.

Look for a Green Check Mark and the word "Completed'

When an episode has been completely viewed, you will see a check mark and the word 'completed" in green. Each episode within the course should have the green check mark and "completed" in order for the certificate of completion to generate.


If you are still experiencing difficulty after following these steps, please reach out to our User Support team for additional assistance using the chat bubble.

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