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Team Analysis (Team managers only)
Team Analysis (Team managers only)

The team analysis page gives you insights in to your teams performance within the assessment

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Team analysis (Team managers only)

The team analysis page gives you insights in to your teams performance within the assessment. Some widgets copy their functionality from the Results page but instead of being centered around a single user, they are averaged across the latest completed launches for the team members.

Image showing a snapshot of a team analysis page.

Team member breakdown

The team member breakdown table shows a tabular list of all team members, the number of assessments taken, the amount of training hours completed their first and last completed assessment results and the change. Finally the table shows the expectation level configured for the team and the level the team member has achieved on their last result and a visual representation of whether they are under, meeting or exceeding expectations.

Image showing the team members highlighted with a blue rectangle.


Line item


Overall performance

Shows whether the team is under, meeting or exceeding their set expectation based on the latest completed assessment results for the entire team. If the expectation has not been configured the expectation meter will still display, but the text will indicate that the expectation has not been configured.
This widget also offers the ability to configure the expectation by clicking the gear icon.

Star performer

Shows the best result across the team and date that the result was achieved. If no assessments have been completed, the widget will indicate this.

Greatest achiever

Shows the most significant score increase between completed assessments and how many days it took between these assessments across the team. If multiple assessments haven't been completed by any team member then the value will be zero.

Assessments completed

Shows the total number of assessments completed by all team members.

Hours of training

Shows how many hours of training has been completed across all the ACI tools.

Average improvement

Shows the average between first and last completed assessments across the entire team. If a team member has not completed multiple assessments, their results are not included in the calculation.

Image showing a snapshot of some team metrics highlighted with a blue rectangle.

Team summary

The team summary widget displays how many team members are under, meeting or exceeding set expectations. The number of elements in the widget is indicative of the number of team members. If an expectation has not been configured, this widget transforms to show the performance levels instead. As an example, if there are 4 team members all at the Expert level, 4 elements will exist in all performance bands and the expert band elements will all be highlighted.

Image showing the team overall performance summary highlighted with a blue rectangle.

Skill domain breakdown

The skill domain breakdown section shows each of the skill domains within the assessment and the average of results across the team members last completed assessment. The cards within the panel indicate whether as a team they are under, meeting, or exceeding expectations. Currently individual team members and skill domain expectations can't be configured but this could be added.

Image showing the skill domains of the assessment selected and the average scores amongst the team.
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