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Free Membership, Discounts, and Promotional Codes
Free Membership, Discounts, and Promotional Codes

How to start your free membership and apply promo codes for upgrades

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IT Starter Pack: Free Membership 

ITPro has a Free membership that gives you access to certain courses for free. This is a great way to experience ITPro before signing up for one of our paid memberships! 

Once you have signed up as a Free member, you can access our free courses on the "Courses" page, under the "Free Courses" section. You'll have access to 65+ hours of training, including:

  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (19+ hours)

  • End User Security Awareness (3 hours)

  • Hands-on with Windows Server 2019 (7+ hours)

  • Hands on PC Build - From the Bench (3+ hours)

  • PC Maintenance (2+ hours)

  • Customer Service Skills for Techies (10+ hours)

  • CyberPatriot - National Youth Cyber Education Program (11+ hours)

  • Access 2016 Essentials (12+ hours)

  • Excel 2016 Essentials (8+ hours)

  • Excel 2016 Essentials for Mac (10 hours)

  • PowerPoint 2016 Essentials (14+ hours)

  • PowerPoint 2016 Essentials for Mac (14 hours)

  • PowerShell Basics (7+ hours)

  • Word 2016 Essentials (10 hours)

  • Word 2016 Essentials for Mac (10+ hours)

  • ITPro 101 (1 hour)

Personal Plan Discounts

  • ITPro has partnered with to offer significant discounts on Personal Membership Plans to military personnel, students, first responders, and teachers. For more information on these discounts and how to receive them, please review our help article here.

Corporate/Team Discounts  

  • Group pricing for multiple users or teams is available at ITPro. To get more information click here for our Business subscriptions, or reach out to our team through our chat bubble to be put in contact with a Sales Representative. 

Promo Codes 

  • Many of our members come to our site with promo codes, and you can input these during check-out. Look for the Promo code box above the billing information and input your promo code there before finalizing your upgrade to make sure you get your discount! 

Promo code not working?            

  • Verify that you’ve entered the promo code exactly as written.  Promo codes are not case sensitive.

  • A promo code can only be applied to an account once. If you had previously applied a promo code to a now cancelled/terminated membership, this promo code cannot be reapplied. 

  • We offer many promo codes over the year and most of these deals are time-sensitive for a brief period. If you are using a promo code from one of our social channels, newsletters, or another online avenue please check the date of expiration to ensure the promo code is still valid. 

  • If the promo code still isn't working, please contact ITPro using the chat bubble at the bottom of the page and we’ll make sure the promo code is still valid.  

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