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Downloads are a feature available for Annual members only. If youโ€™d like to upgrade to an annual subscription, learn how here:

How to download

The option to download course episodes is found at the top of the episode menu, under the course details:

๐Ÿ‘‰ There is a cap of 250 downloads per 30 day period. Missed downloads do not roll over!

Failed downloads do count against your totals, and we have no way of resetting your download count!

Follow these guidelines to ensure the full use of your downloads:

  1. Work in small batches. We recommend selecting no more than 3 episode at a time, as the bandwidth requirements for downloads are high!

  2. Do not close or leave the window after the downloads have been initiated as this can cause the download to fail.

  3. Download slots are shared across all platforms, so if you download on the apps, these downloads will count towards your allowance.

Download Options

Audio Only

Select this option at the top of the download menu, before selecting your downloads.

Closed Captions

Captions are not available on downloaded videos.

Downloading on Mobile Apps

Download quality setting

You can select the resolution for your download files in the iOS and Android apps. Go to your account settings, then tap the "Download Quality" option to make your selection before starting to download.

More Questions?

Reach out to the User Support Team by opening a chat using the bubble on this page.

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