Process Overview: This process should be used when students are requesting their course exam voucher within 6 months of completing their course. The release of a voucher should occur after a student utilizes a Mentor for certification exam preparation.

Requirements needed to be met:

  1. Fully completed the course:

    1. Passed the End-Course Assessment with a 70% or higher score

    2. Instructor has marked the student as Completed

  2. Meet Course-specific requirements:

    1. CompTIA courses

      1. In Cert-Master Practice:

        1. Completed all the modules

        2. Scored 85%+

        3. if more than 5 attempts were needed, additional questions may be required by the Mentor

    2. EC-Council

      1. Take the Challenge (TTC) Questions (in LMS)

        1. Pass all module TTC exams

      2. Cyber Quotient

        1. Complete all Progressive Assessment Topics (91)

        2. Pass the Simulated Exam (2 attempts offered)

    3. ITIL

      1. Completed both Sample Papers with 85%+

      2. Completed Take the Challenge

      3. Homework assignment explaining the 15 practices relating to a specific job

    4. CAPM/PMP

      1. Exam application approved through PMI

      2. Score 10% above minimum pass rate on one or both of the below:

      3. “’s “PMI® Authorized Online PMP® Practice Exam”

      4. PMI Study Hall

  1. Meet with Mentor: Student must schedule and meet with an ACI Learning Mentor.

    1. Mentors will review the following items when meeting with students:

      1. Review the required steps listed above

      2. Knowledge Assessment: Conversation and questions to review key topics, as deemed appropriate by the Mentor

      3. Mutual agreement that the student possesses the requisite knowledge to confidently take and likely pass the certification exam

  2. Follow the guide for the specific Certification Exam testing site/platform.

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