You can change your password by navigating to the Settings link in the My account drop down, in the Header navigation. Then clicking on the Change Password tab.

When changing your password, you must:

  • Enter your current password

  • Choose a new password that

    • Is at least 8 characters long

    • Contains at least 1 upper case character

    • Contains at least 1 lower case character

    • Contains at least 1 special character (for example * or #)

  • Confirm your new password in the field provided

Note: If you have linked into the platform from one of our partners, you may not know your password.

The button to update your password will only become enabled when:

  • the Current password field is correctly completed

  • the password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields match

Once enabled, to save your new password, click the Update password button.

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