Some lab modules may include assessment items as you read through the content. This is mainly available to the user in the form of in-line questions.

Note: Depending on your account type and learning provider, the inline grading items you see may look slightly different to those detailed here, or may not be available to you at all.


The Inline Grading feature within the Practice Labs platform is currently made up of three unique grading items:

  • Radio Questions

  • Checkbox Questions

  • Screenshots

… And the Summary section.

Radio Answers

One type of inline question that you may be asked, are the radio type answers. This means that you may only select one answer that you believe to be correct.

Read the question carefully and choose the most appropriate answer, however once you press Submit you may not be able to come back and amend your choice.

Checkbox Answers

You may also be asked a question containing checkbox answers in which you can select more than one that you think to be correct.

Read the question carefully and choose answer the answers that you feel are correct.


Assessment modules may include a screenshot item like the one pictured here.

Use the Take Screenshot button to save a current screenshot of the device to your lab report.

When the screenshot is successful you will see an embedded version of the image you have captured.

In some cases, the screenshot attempt may fail. Please ensure that the device the screenshot taker is looking at is powered on and has the correct content that you wish to capture.


This section details when all the graded items have been completed. You can click on each of the items to take you back to any that you are missing.

Clicking on Submit report will then submit your results for each item to your administrator.

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