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The Connect client is the technology layer that presents the lab devices to the web browser.

Screenshot of the Connect client tools

The Connect client has a controls overlay with the following features.


Opens a virtual keyboard overlay on the remote device.


Allows you to paste text from your local clipboard to the remote desktop.


Detailed connection information from the Connect client.


Sends a Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination to the remote device.

Right click

Sends a right-click mouse action to the remote desktop.

The Connect client connects to the lab devices over port 80/443 to the connect RDP gateways and to your machine. If the client is unable to make a websockets connection, then the client will change the connection method to long-polling.

If the client drops down to long-polling the user may experience slow ‘lagged’ performance, especially over higher latency links.

Testing websockets

In order to test if websockets are permitted from your internet location you can use the following resource to test, however please note Practice Labs are not affiliated with; neither can we verify authenticity and trust of this website so perform due diligence prior to accessing this site based on your own internal web site access procedures.

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