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February 2022 Product & Content Release Notes
February 2022 Product & Content Release Notes
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February 2022

Check out our all new video Series and here what is happening across ACI Learning this month:

New Course Releases this month:


3 new episodes of Cyber Autopsy!

  • "Hidden in plain sight" is how the SolarWinds breach went undetected for months. But how did hackers insert the malicious code into the systems and distribute it to thousands of users? Check out three all new episodes of CyberAutopsy, available now only on SkillsProTV!

  • Note: You must be a member of ACI Learning's On Demand subscription SkillsProTV to see this course.

Courses in Production:

  • Members can now use their dashboard to subscribe to alerts when CompTIA A+ and other courses in development are released

  • New episodes of the upcoming A+ course can be viewed almost daily as they are filmed on the On Air page

Practice Labs & Practice Tests


New User Info page replaces the Account Settings page


Set frequency for Learning Reminders

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