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ProPortal Onboarding
ProPortal Onboarding

The new Onboarding Panel gets you started with ITPro in a few quick steps!

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Welcome to ITPro!

To get your team started with their ITPro training, you can now follow the onboarding steps in the ProPortal!

Login to your ProPortal account here, or from your ITPro Dashboard page:

Next, click the Onboarding panel at the top right of the ProPortal Dashboard page to see how to set up your account:

Onboarding Steps Overview

There are six steps to complete your onboarding process and get your team learning with ITPro. Check out the links below for more details on each of the features:

Using the Onboarding Panel

The steps for the process are a suggested order. You are able to complete them in any order! If you'd like to come back to a step later, you can opt to skip it by checking that box:

As you complete the steps, you'll see them marked off in the list:

You can always check your onboarding progress at the top of the Dashboard page to see if there's more to do:

Need more help with onboarding?

You can reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly or via

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