In order to schedule a virtual or in-person CompTIA A+, Net+ or Sec+ exam, you will first need to pass a CertMaster Practice Exam with an 85% or higher. You were given access to the CertMaster Practice link and code at the beginning of class. You can login at this link to take the practice exam. You can take the practice exam as many times as you need to pass with 85% or higher.

For a virtual exam, in addition to passing the Practice Exam, you will need to read and acknowledge the below requirements. This link will take you to CompTIA's virtual exam requirements page. You will need to review and acknowledge requirements for a virtual exam which include:

  • Making sure you have a functioning home computer with a webcam and strong internet connection

  • Run a system check to test the compatibility of the OnVUE application (scroll to bottom of link provided above for a “Run System Test” button)

  • Have your government-issued ID ready to present during the check-in process (restricted IDs such as U.S. military IDs are not accepted)

  • Roommates or pets? Make sure your space is free from noise or distractions.

  • Clear the room of any preparation materials or unauthorized items to avoid exam violations.

  • Once ACI Learning releases the exam voucher to you, it is your responsibility to schedule your exam.

  • ACI Learning is not liable for any virtual exam issues that occur on your device and you will need to contact Pearson OnVUE Support link to resolve

Once you have passed a Practice Exam, read and acknowledged the above requirements, you will need to go to this link then type (or copy/paste) the following: "I acknowledge the terms and conditions and would like to request and exam voucher for _________." (name the course). You can submit this verbiage through he chat function (chat bubble at bottom right corner). By acknowledging you will be held accountable to all requirements listed in this article and on the CompTIA virtual exam requirements page.

If you need more time to prepare for your exam, the below resources will help you:

  • Set up a meeting with your Learning Hub Instructor Mentor. There is a certified Instructor Mentor for each Learning Hub.

  • Attend a Mentoring session that is available Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm MT every week and is facilitated by a certified Instructor Mentor.

  • Review the “Study Tips and Tricks” provided to you in the ACI Learning Portal.

Our goal at ACI Learning is to make sure you pass your Certification Exam, so we can put you on the road to Success! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions?

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