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ProPortal Dashboard Overview
ProPortal Dashboard Overview

View activity at a glance!

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The ITPro ProPortal now has a Dashboard page which allows you to get an overview of your account and get the most out of ITPro for your staff!

When you first login to your ProPortal account, you'll see the Dashboard page.

Assigned Seats / Viewing Activity

At the top of the page, you'll see two graphs: a circle chart showing the number of Assigned Seats, and a line graph showing your team's Viewing Activity.

  • If you would like to invite more people to train on ITPro, click the Assign Seats link on the dashboard. You can view a step-by-step guide to assigning seats here.

    • If you would like to invite more people to train but do not have seats available for assignment, reach out to the Customer Success Team at

  • To get more information about everyone's viewing activity, click the Create a Report link in the Viewing Activity area. You can learn how to set up reports with this help article.

User Engagement

The next row of info on the Dashboard will show you more details about engagement with ITPro with 3 metrics: Learning Pace, Logins, and Downloads.

  • Each option can be sorted by Most Engaged or Least Engaged.

  • Learning Pace displays the top and bottom 5 viewing activity accounts for the last 30 days, averaged to a weekly rate. To see the full list of everyone's learning pace, you can download the Learning Pace Report from the Reports Page.

    • You can set login reminders to remind your staff to keep on pace with their training. Click the Learn More link in the Learning Pace area to enable reminders. You can learn more about login reminders here.

  • The Logins area shows a list of the top and bottom 5 people's login activity, beginning with the most recent date if set to Most Engaged, or the oldest date if set to Least Engaged.

  • Downloads shows how many episode files have been downloaded for offline viewing in the last 30 days for each person. Learn more about the downloads feature here.

Assignments / Labs and Exams

The third row of the Dashboard page displays information about assignments. For more information about creating assignments click here.

  • The left panel of the Assignments area shows a list of people with assignments, the name of their assignment, the assignment's due date, and the person's current progress for the assignment.

  • The right panel of the Assignments area displays three statistics regarding assignments:

    • Total Active Assignments: this is the number of assignments with pending due dates. This is not the same as the total number of people with active assignments, as a person can have more than one assignment.

    • Total Modules Created: this is the number of items that can be assigned.

    • Average Assignments/Module: the total number of users who have been assigned a module divided by the number of modules that have been created.

  • The Labs and Exams area displays how many times these features have been accessed in the last 30 days by all users with ITPro access, if these features are available.

    • If you don't have these features but would like to have them added, reach out to the Customer Success team at!

Recently Added Courses

This area lets you see what courses are now available to be assigned for viewing! Click the thumbnail for any course in this area to view the course from the ITPro web app.

Completions / Top Viewed Content

The Completions area displays a list of users who have finished courses or assignments. Use the filter in the top right corner to select the view displayed. The Top Viewed Content area lets you quickly see the most frequently viewed subject areas and courses.

Customize Your Dashboard

You can expand, collapse and rearrange the information panels on the Dashboard page!

To collapse a section, click the "plus" icon on the top right of the panel. Click it again to expand the area.

To change the order your panels are arranged in, click the move icon at the top left corner of the area and drag the panel to where you'd like it to appear. You can rearrange panels when they are collapsed or expanded.

More questions?

Reach out to the Customer Success team (Success@ITPro.TV) for more assistance with the Dashboard page or any other ProPortal features so you can get the most out of your ITProTV account!

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