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Learning Reminders in ProPortal
Learning Reminders in ProPortal

Keep your team on track with email reminders to login to ITPro!

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Get Started

To set up login reminders for team members, login to the ProPortal and head to the Users page and click the "Manage Learning Reminders" button:

Select Users

By default, all users will have this option turned off.

  • Select individual users to receive Learning Reminders by setting the switch on the right of their info to the "On" position.

  • Change the setting for every active assigned seat using the Select All option at the top of the user list.

  • Filter the list of users by typing a name or email in the search bar or by using the dropdown menu to sort by different teams. Learn more about using the Teams feature here.

Set Frequency

You can select how often a user gets a login reminder email. Using the dropdown next to an individual user, select any frequency from 2 to 14 days.

The default frequency is 3 days.

Start Reminders!

Click Save Changes to start sending login reminders to the selected users. Once this option is active, users will receive emails from ITPro reminding them to login to continue their studies!

Manage Reminders

You can make changes to which users receive Learning Reminders, or adjust how often they receive them. You can also deactivate the reminders at any time. To deactivate, move the switch to "Off" and be sure to save the changes you made.

Have more questions about Learning Reminders or other ProPortal features? Open a chat using the orange bubble on the site, or send an email to success@ITPro.TV.

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