I’m not able to access (log into) Boson/NetSim (Labs)

1. Please review and ensure you have not missed any of the instructions (steps) posted in the ACI Learning Portal https://acilearning.docebosaas.com/ .

2. Confirm you have created an account at https://www.boson.com/.

3. If you have created an account, are you able to log in?

4. If you cannot log in, did you select “forgot password” and follow the prompts?

Note: Sometimes the password reset email, goes to the junk email folder. Please be sure to look in that folder if you are unable to locate the email. Also, you could conduct a key word search, perhaps “Boson” in your inbox to locate the email.

For additional information, please contact your local ACI Learning Hub representative or reach out to us in the help chats at the bottom of the page or via https://help.acilearning.com/.

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