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Try ITPro for Free
Try ITPro for Free

How to preview courses and features before signing up for a paid subscription

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Interested in trying out ITPro before starting a paid subscription? Check out these options!

Free Membership

You can sign up for a Free Membership to ITPro to try out select courses! No payment information is needed. Visit this page to register for a free account and start viewing!

You can find a list of ITPro's free courses here.

Free Weekends

ITPro offers access to some courses on Free Weekends! All that is required to access the courses is a Free Membership.

Here’s a list of our upcoming Free Weekends for 2023:

  • January 14th-15th Getting Started in IT

  • February 18th-19th Hacking

  • March 18th-19th Cisco

  • April 15th-16th Azure

  • May 13th -14th Linux

  • June 10th-11th Project Management

  • July 15th-16th CompTIA

  • August 12th-13th Getting Started in IT

  • September 16th-17th Microsoft

  • October 14th-15th Cybersecurity

  • November 11th-12th Networking

  • December 9th-10th Most Popular Courses

Other Features

If you’d like to trial virtual labs and practice tests before signing up for a Premium Membership, be sure to view the ITPro 101 course available with your Free Membership. You’ll see video demos of the features available. If you have more questions, reach out to User Support for more details!

How to Upgrade Your Account

If you’re ready to access more ITPro courses, you can upgrade your free account. Check out this article to learn more about how upgrading works!

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