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Terms to know:

Subscription: The total memberships available to a company that allow invited users to access ACI On Demand.

Seats: The number of available memberships you can assign to users to allow access to ACI On Demand.

User: A person assigned a seat on a subscription to ACI On Demand's learning platform.

Seat Admin: A person assigned access to the ProPortal (Seat admins do not use seats).

Activate: The action that gives users a seat on your subscription.

Deactivate: The action that removes users from a seat on your subscription. 

Team: A group of users created by a Seat Admin, by job role or learning goals.

Activity: A summary of User’s/Team’s/Subscription’s viewings, usually generated as an Excel document. 

(Learning) Module: A collection of content (episodes and/or courses) with a name and a description created to be assigned to one or more Users. 

Assignment: A Module that has been assigned to one or more Team Members with a due date. 

Assignment Walk-Through

The Assignment page is available on the side navigation on the left of the ProPortal.

Once on the Assignments page, click the “Create New Module" button. Now it’s time to choose what your focus will be. Give your module a title and we’re good to click “Create New Module.

To give your users a better understanding as to the learning goals intended by your module, you can write a more detailed description below the title to make sure all users know what is expected to receive a completion.

To give your users a better understanding as to the learning goals intended by your module, you can write a more detailed description below the title to make sure all users know what is expected to receive a completion.

We suggest working on short rotations when creating assignments. There is no limit to the number of modules you can make, so stagger the learning into smaller chunks with achievable timelines to complete them.

For this example, we’ve selected Impactful Communication as a good topic to start with. The total viewing time for the whole Impactful Communication course is 1 hour and 16 minutes, so let's assign the entire course.

To select a full course, click the plus “+” sign next to ITProTV 101. You’ll see an orange checkmark when the course has been successfully selected.

In other cases, you may want to add individual episodes rather than full courses. You can select the “Episodes” button below any course and a dropdown menu of the episodes will appear. Any selected episode will also be indicated with an orange checkmark.

For this example, let’s say we also want our team to have some IT security awareness information. First, click the "Security" topic above the search area, and then locate the "End User Security Skills" course. Then click the arrow icon next to "Episodes."

Let's add two episodes from this course, which will add about an hour more viewing time for the module:

Once you’re done selecting episodes, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Next.” On the final screen before finalizing your module, you’ll have the option to re-arrange the courses/episodes and check to ensure everything looks correct.

Use this section to check the total time of the course and make sure it aligns with your initial objective.

Once you’ve got your module list complete, go ahead and “Create Module”!

🎊Well done, you’ve just created your module!🎊

Now, we need to pick the users/teams we want to assign this module to complete. You will see the member selection menu just after creating the assignment.

  • Choose which users/teams you want this assignment to be allocated to by clicking the empty checkboxes next to their names.

  • Only ACTIVE users are able to be added to modules.

  • If you are adding a team to a module, you can filter the list by teams using the white dropdown menu (Want to learn how to create and effectively implement teams? Check out this article!)

  • Pick a date in the future by when you expect this assignment to be completed (we call this a “Due Date”). As mentioned, we suggest not making this too far in the future, but also with enough time for your users to fully complete the material on a set schedule. Short, focused, and well-paced is the way to go.

  • When setting a Due Date, a learning pace estimate is automatically calculated based on the hours of the assigned module over the timeframe of the assignment.

  • More than 10 hours per week may be feasible for some users, but keep in mind that best learning pace practices vary by the courses assigned and user’s/team’s own availability.

  • Assignment Due Dates cannot be changed after creating the assignment. It is important to note that once your assignment Due Date has passed, user data for that assignment will no longer be tracked. If one of your users watches part of the assignment after the Due Date, their activity will be tracked on individual episodes, but it will not count towards assignment progress.

  • Assignment progress will track through 11:59 PST of the designated due date.

  • If you need to see your user's viewing data from after an assignment Due Date, you will simply need to create a new assignment with an extended Due Date. Viewing data will be updated once a new assignment is created. 

  • Assignments will be removed from your team's individual activity page 15 days after the assignment's due date.

Once you’re happy here, hit “Assign Module” at the top and you’re done! The users selected will now see this Assignment show at the top of their Dashboard notification bar the next time they log in.

Having trouble with your team's Modules and Assignments? Send Customer Success (success@acilearning.com) a message about the issue, we’d be happy to help. 

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