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This month, ACI Learning is excited because it is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a great opportunity to further highlight our commitment to and passion for cybersecurity awareness and expertise at every level.

Key insights to the new CompTIA Security+ exam

Since a CompTIA Security+ certification aims to validate that the skills of a job applicant or professional are up to date, the vendor occasionally updates their certifications and related exams. In this blog, our subject matter expert, Wes Bryan, fills you in on what you need to know about the new exam, and our new course, out this month!

What you need to know about CySA+

Being a cybersecurity professional without the latest training is like climbing a mountain wearing Crocs: You can probably do it, but it’ll be the hard way and it’ll take twice as long. It's time to upgrade your digital defense game with the CompTIA CySA+ certification.

Get to know CyberSkills

Did you know that ACI Learning now proudly offers CyberSkills, an end-user cybersecurity solution? Our training empowers all members of a business to be the frontline of the future in the fight against cyber threats. It also comes with our revolutionary, AI powered skills gap analysis tool, Insights. Insights allows leaders to identify weaknesses in their cybersecurity defenses and assign needed training.


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