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Advanced Reporting Walk-through & FAQ
Advanced Reporting Walk-through & FAQ

This article cover the Advanced Reporting feature available for seat admins on plans for business teams.

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Download detailed information on your team's activity with Advanced Reporting!

Advanced Reporting capabilities include:

  1. Timebox viewing data while building the report, not in Excel

  2. Charts in the UI

  3. Recurring reports - reports regularly refreshed with weekly, monthly, quarterly viewing data

Advanced Reports are the best way to visualize your team’s activity and progress within ITProTV. The charts in this area of the ProPortal allow you to see your team’s utilization at a glance over the period of time you select. All reports are available for download as a CSV file.

How to Create a Report

To get started, navigate to the Reports page, and click the Create New Report button:

Step 1: Pick the type of report you need

A Static Report is a snapshot report that does not change over time. You can generate a report using one of the preset time frames, or customize the time range. You have the ability to save your Static Report in case you need to reference it again.

A Recurring Report dynamically updates at an interval you choose. We have provided 3 out-of-box Recurring reports for you: Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly. Recurring reports can have recipients who are sent email alerts when the report has been refreshed with new data and charts.

Step 2: Select time frame

Select the time frame you want your report to cover.

Static Reports can cover a custom time range, or you can select one of the preset time ranges available: Previous Calendar Week, Previous Calendar Month, Previous Calendar Quarter, or Custom Date Range.

Dynamic Reports can be run every calendar Week, Month, or Quarter.

Step 3: Naming your report

A suggested title for your report will be pre-filled, but you can customize the title as desired.

Step 4: Save the report

Once saved, your Static Report will now appear on your Reports page. You can view your graph, download, or delete the report from this area.

For Dynamic Reports, all Recurring Reports will be sent at 12:00 p.m. UTC. The cadence is set according to the time frame selected. For example, the Monthly Report refreshes at Midnight UTC on the 1st day of the month, and sends an email alert to anyone on the Recipients list. The Monthly Report will contain data for the last full prior month. So if the admin pulls up the Monthly Report on September the 15th, it will contain data from Midnight UTC August 1 – 11:59PM August 31 UTC, the last full prior month.

Select any Recipients for the report. Recipients must be Seat Admins for security purposes.

Click Schedule Report, and you are done! You can now view your report's details from the Reports section of the ProPortal, and your recipients will get email reminders when new reports are generated.

Additional Tips:

If you want a specific employee’s up to the minute viewing history, you would go to the individual user’s activity page. Advanced Reporting is a powerful tool for heavier loads, although we will add filtering and drill down capability as a future enhancement.

If you want to view all history for your company in a CSV download, use the All Activity download instead of the Analytics engine of Advanced Reporting.

Have more questions about reports? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager at or start a chat with the orange chat icon on the ITProTV site!

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