What are accelerated courses?

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ITPro offers Accelerated versions of some courses for quicker learning pace. 

Accelerated courses are high-level overviews, so they don't go into as much detail as the regular courses do. Our Accelerated courses are great for individuals who already have a pretty good knowledge base, and may not need to go in-depth into certain concepts. The full courses provide you with much more information since there is less assumed knowledge. 

Accelerated courses are recommended for members studying with an experience level in the field equal to the given exam objectives for the courses. 

Accelerated courses are also significantly shorter than full courses. For example, you will notice the full CompTIA A+ Core course is over 100 hours, while the two CompTIA Accelerated A+ courses are only 19 and 11 hours.  

If you're not sure whether an Accelerated course is right for you, we always recommend viewing 3-5 episodes of both the Accelerated course and the full course to determine which path is best for you. 

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