How to study for your IT certification exam

This article gives some tips to help you prepare to take an IT certification exam.

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Getting ready for an IT certification exam? This article gives some tips to help you prepare to take an IT certification exam.

What’s the best way to study for an IT certification exam?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to studying. Choose the style that you know works for you!

Some people do best in a quiet room, some people are book studiers, some people need flashcards. Figuring out what works best for you is the best trick to studying for any exam. Using your specific learning style really makes a difference when you’re putting in 10-12 weeks of studying. 

Some helpful tips from our Edutainers:

  • Watch videos, read supplemental material & take notes, then do hands-on exercises to reinforce what you’ve learned

  • Make note cards especially if you are learning new terminology

  • Rewatch content with your notes next to you

How long will it take me to study for an exam?

The time it takes to study for an exam will depend on a few things:

  • Your familiarity with the subject matter

  • How much time can you devote to your studies

The recommended “safe study range” is 10 to 12 weeks worth of studying. For video training, assume you’ll need to study 3 hours for every one hour of content presented. For example, if a course is 20 hours long, expect to study for a total of 60 hours.

Is it helpful to make a study schedule?

A study schedule will help keep you focused on your objective. Given your other obligations, it may be helpful to let your friends and family know you’re studying for an exam. Ask for their support and to hold you accountable!

What is the exam format?

Exam format varies by exam and exam vendor. You'll want to check the official exam testing websites for confirmation. Many IT exams include multiple choice, True/False, and some exams even have simulations. 

If you download a copy of the official exam objectives, this will have the exam format and other pertinent exam information including duration and number of questions. As a bonus, most vendors will also provide a few sample questions free of charge!

Do I need practice exams?

Practice exams are a great way to help you prioritize your studies. We always recommend taking a practice exam at the beginning of your studies. This will establish your knowledge base. 

Take one or two more during your studies to track your progress compared to your baseline test. When you're ready to sit your exam, take a final practice test before your exam.

It's important to avoid trying to learn the test by repeatedly taking practice exams. Often times, we see practice tests give individuals a false sense of security because they are just learning the test questions instead of the concepts. Focus your energy on understanding those objectives so that you are ready for any question that pops up on the exam. 

When should I register for my exam?

Once you’ve determined how long you’ll need to effectively study, register for your exam. Having a date to work toward will keep you motivated.

I have an additional question. Can someone help?

For additional study tips, reach out to our Edutainers in the Q&A Forums

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