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Troubleshooting the Roku App
Troubleshooting the Roku App

Roku How-to's and Features

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Looking for some more information on the Roku app?

Sept 2020 Release Notes:

  1. Enhanced the login experience

  2. Added dashboard so you can easily resume where you left off

  3. New end-of-episode screen for easier navigation

  4. Other bug fixes

My Roku app no longer works, and I can't seem to access my Account! Help!

  • You might have an older version of the Roku app installed. Please check your Roku app store for the newest ITPro app, to ensure you have the most up-to-date version.

How do I launch and link the app to my account?

  1. Download the ITPro app from the Roku app store.

  2. Open the ITPro app.

  3. You will be prompted to go to (and log in, if you are not already logged in).

  4. Enter the 8 digit authorization code displayed on the Roku device.

  5. You should now have access to videos based on your membership level, even Free members!

          If you’re still having difficulties accessing content after following these steps,                 please contact ITPro through the chat bubble on a desktop or mobile                         browser.

How do I get the next episode to play automatically? 

  • If you are watching a course, within a topic, once an episode ends the next episode should begin playing seamlessly, after an 8 second pause on the end-of-episode screen.

  • You can also access the episode listing for the course by clicking the Down Arrow once from the Control Panel, or twice from the full screen view. The episodes are chronologically listed on a slide screen. 

  • If the Autoplay does not continue, please ensure you are logged into your account through the Account Settings.

What kind of settings can I adjust on the Roku app?

  • The Roku app does not currently have speed control functions.*

  • Closed Captions are not currently available for our mobile apps, including the Roku.*

  • The default resolution is 720p, while our newer content is supported in 1080p.

  • You can fast-forward through the video by first selecting the orange dot with the arrow keys. Next, hold the left or right arrow to fast-forward through the episode.

  • You can restart an episode by hitting the Circling Arrow key. 

*If these features are essential to your at-home viewing experience, our mobile and web browsers are optimized for ChromeCast, and you can set these controls through casting!

Account and Access: 

I am just a Free member. Can I access the Roku app?

  • You sure can! Our new Roku app now allows anyone, with any level of membership to sign-on and watch our content at home! You will just need to log in through the Account Settings section, and you will have access to our Free Courses.*

*We do not have a course tab for the Free Courses in the Roku app but you can find them listed below:

  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (19+ hours)

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) - Windows OS Fundamentals (98-349) (13+ hours)

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals (98-367) (10+ hours)

  • Building a PC (2+ hours)

  • PC Maintenance (2+ hours)

  • Customer Service Skills (10+ hours)

  • IC3 Computing Fundamentals (8+ hours)

  • IC3 Key Applications (5+ hours)

  • CyberPatriot - National Youth Cyber Education Program (11+ hours)

  • Getting Started with ITPro

I want to access the full Course Library! How do I upgrade my membership through the Roku app?

  • If you would like to upgrade, please go directly to our website using a mobile or web browser. Once you're in, proceed with your upgrade through your Account Settings page. After you have upgraded your account, you may need to log out and log back into your Roku app to see these upgraded changes.

I want to watch a course, but the episode appears locked. What do I need to do?

  • If an episode or course is locked out, this means the episode is not available at your current membership level. Please check on our website for further information. 

  • If you have a paid membership and are seeing this icon, please ensure you have logged into your account through the Account Settings. 

  • Check that your Roku app is active under your Linked Devices section in the         Account Settings on our website. Revoking your Roku device, and then re-   activating it can usually help clear any errors in access.

How do I download videos?

  • We do not have downloads available for our Roku app.

Am I able to use the extra features of the Premium account, like the Practice-Labs or practice tests, on the Roku app?

  • Like our other apps, you will not be able to access the virtual labs or Kaplan practice exams on the Roku. Please use our web or mobile browser for this!

I have an Assignment and want to use the Roku app, but I can't find the Assignment tab. Where do I go?

  • We do not have the Assignment section on our Home page, but you should see your Assigned courses and episode in the Recently Watched list!

I need to watch a course for an Assignment, and I like using the Roku app! Will I receive credit for this?

  • Yes, you will! The Roku app will track your progress in a course, and this progress will show in your online account! The Roku app continuously syncs with your records online, so there may be a delay of a minute or so to see update progress.

Additional Help and Resources

I need to contact Member Services for help - What's the best way? 

  • If you’re having account or site related issues, please log onto our site through our mobile phone apps or website. You can then reach out using the chat bubble on the page.

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