How to participate

Our member referral program is available to any member of ITPro with an active personal subscription. Members can earn credits on their account for referring other members to the platform. Those credits will be applied towards any future ITPro subscription renewal payments.

How to earn rewards

Members with an active personal ITPro subscription will see a link to their Referral Program Rewards Dashboard on their account settings page

Program Options and Details

Personal Promo Code

  • If a new member applies the promo code at checkout, you will receive a reward for that purchase once they have made their first subscription payment.

Personal link

  • You will receive a reward for new members that purchase a personal subscription following your personal link to ITPro.TV. Tracking cookies are used to attribute the new sign up with your referral account.

Email Share link

  • Selecting the email share button will open up your default email app and populate it with “I'm using ITPro as my IT learning resource and I think you should check it out too. If you sign up for an ITPro subscription using this link, you'll save 30% and I'll get a referral reward." The message can be edited and/or personalized.

Facebook Share Link

  • Selecting the Facebook share link will prompt you to log in to your Facebook account if you’re not already logged in. A new Facebook post with your referral link embedded will be created for you:

Twitter Share Link

  • Selecting the Twitter share link will prompt you to log in to your Twitter account if you’re not already logged in. A new tweet that includes your referral link will be generated. The tweet can be edited.

Rewards Dashboard

  • The Rewards Dashboard displays your rewards as well as the first name of your referrals.

Referral Program Limits

Referral Program members can earn up to $420 USD credits per calendar year. Your link and promo code will still attribute the sale to your account, but you will not receive any additional credit on account once $420 USD cap has been reached.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for participation in the program can be found in section sixteen of the ITPro terms and conditions.

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