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Errors with Practice-Labs
Errors with Practice-Labs

Having an issue with the virtual labs? Learn how to troubleshoot here!

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Practice-Labs is a platform to practice technical skills without the cost of buying equipment or programs. If you experience errors, follow these steps to investigate the issue and find a solution.

New to Practice Labs?

  • Get familiar with Practice Labs. If you haven't yet, go ahead and watch the Introduction to Practice Labs episode of ITPro 101, to get an overview of how the interface works. Try out Module Zero, which is a guided lab tutorial that can be found with the ITProTV 101 course, or directly here

  • Consult the Practice-Labs Help & Support section. This can be accessed through the "?" within the lab navigation bar.  Here you will find information for Personal Settings, User Interface, Device Management, and Using Support.  You will also find the Practice-Labs User Guide to download.

General Error Troubleshooting

For help with errors such as setting features, issues with launching labs, or the guided content

  • Reach out to the User Support team. The team is always just one click away through the chat bubble.

  • Post on the ITPro Q&A Forum. Members with paid subscriptions are able to post and discuss course, lab, and exam issues they may be experiencing. Peers and experts will help out these issues with user-friendly explanations.

In-depth Troubleshooting

For errors in the lab interface, slow device responses, or issues with the lab instructions

  • Open a support request with Practice-Labs. The Practice-Labs team is the best help for resolving errors within the virtual lab environment, as they are able to diagnose any errors occurring with your lab's devices. You can submit a support ticket directly to them by emailing or through the “?”  on the lab navigation bar.

  • Call Practice-Labs support. Practice-Labs offers 24/7 support by phone! You can find their contact details here.

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