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ProPortal Walkthrough
ProPortal Walkthrough

A guide to the ProPortal, ITPro's administrative site

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Terms to know: 

Subscription: The total memberships available to a company that allow invited users to access ITProTV. 

Seats:  The number of available memberships you can assign to users to allow access to ITProTV.  

User: A person assigned a seat on a subscription to ITProTV’s learning platform. 

Seat Admin: A person assigned access to the ProPortal (seat admins do not use seats). 

Activate: The action that gives users a seat on your subscription. 

Deactivate: The action that removes users from a seat on your subscription.  

Team: A group of users created by a Seat Admin, by job role or learning goals.  

Activity: A summary of User’s/Team’s/Subscription’s viewings, usually generated as an Excel document.  

(Learning) Module: A collection of content (episodes and/or courses) with a name and a description created to be assigned to one or more Users.  

Assignment: A Module that has been assigned to one or more Team Members with a due date.  

Understanding your Account 

To get to your ProPortal account, go to and login with your ITPro credentials. You can also log into ProPortal through the ITPro Dashboard directly, by clicking on the ProPortal button in the top right corner of the webpage. 

You're now able to get a snapshot of your account with the ProPortal Dashboard page! 

This screenshot shows 31 seats have been allocated from a possible 50 at the moment, so 19 are still available to assign. This number will change as you invite your team to the service. You can also review user activity and assignment progress from this page.

👉 For a detailed explanation of each feature, check out the Dashboard Overview article here!

On the left side of the page, you'll see links for different sections of the ProPortal: Users, Teams, Assignments, and Reports

  • Users--view your subscription memberships and permissions. You can add or remove users, add or remove admins, and reset passwords. See below for guidance on inviting new users.

  • Teams--group users by departments or job roles and helps easily manage assignments by these sections of your company. Check out our guide on Teams here!

  • Assignments--create individualized plans for users and teams, and gives metrics on their completions and participation in these learning goals. Learn how to create assignments here.

  • Reports--set up regular activity reviews for your account and download a record of account activity. Check out our Advanced Reporting help article for more help with creating reports!

Inviting New Users 

Inviting users couldn’t be easier! First, choose the access you want this user to have: 

  • ITPro Subscription – Gives a team member access to the great ITPro content on

  • ProPortal Admin – Access to only - the user will be able to re-allocate user profiles and set assignments. 

  • Both – The user will be able to access both the learning content via ITPro and management in ProPortal.  

Clicking the Invite button will pop out this form: 

Enter the first name, last name, email, and which team (if applicable) to the appropriate boxes and select the bubble associated with the user's access rights. Then, click Invite. This action will trigger an email to the user with a hyperlink to a password creation page. Once the user has chosen a password, they’re ready to get started with ITPro! 

  • If you are adding admin access to a member who already has an active seat with your team, you can follow the above instructions and then select “Give user ProPortal(admin)” and invite them again. This will add ProPortal privileges to their active ITProTV subscription account. They will need to log out and log back in to refresh their updated access. 

  • If a user already has an account or misses their password creation timeframe, have your user head to the main login page and request a password reset there. This will get their password and account set up in one step! 

  • If a user is not invited to the subscription by the seat admin, they will NOT be able to create an account on their own. Seat admins, please assist your team by creating and activating user’s seats as quickly as possible. 

User Management and User Activity Overview 

Each user created will be labeled in your ProPortal home screen, and you can filter this list to make your view easier by selecting the group in this dropdown menu. 

Most of the time, you'll be viewing the Active list. Once selected, it will show the people making use of the available seats in alphabetical order.

👉 We’re passionate about these seats being used, so if you allocate a seat to an individual who leaves your organization, you can deactivate and re-assign their seat to someone new.  

Next to each name you’ll see a dropdown arrow, which will give you several options for each subscription user, based on their current status: 

  • You can remove a team member’s access to the account subscription by selecting "Deactivate Subscription.

  • You will also be able to remove admin rights from other admins by selecting “Remove Admin Rights.” This will NOT deactivate their active subscription seat automatically if they have both privileges. 

  • If a member of your team is having issues with logging in, you can send a password reset to their email by clicking the “Reset Password” button below their seat.  The password reset links are time-sensitive and remain active for 15 minutes, so be sure to alert the user immediately to check their inbox (and their Spam/Junk folder) for this email! 

  • If a user reaches out who was previously active on the subscription, you can search their name/email and reactivate their seat by using the “Activate Subscription” button. Please ensure you have enough seats available to reactivate the user before doing so. 

Clicking the “Activity” button next to any user’s name will show their Activity screen, giving you a brief overview of that individual's activity to date.  

Here you can check for regular login activity and the number of episodes finished under “Viewed Completely.” If the user is a member of any teams or assignments, this will be noted below with links each section by clicking the appropriate title. 

  • If you would like to download the individual's activity report, click the “Download Activity” link. This will generate an Excel spreadsheet of their full viewing history.

Organization Activity Overview and Export 

Seeing one person’s overall activity is great, but there will be times that you want to see the whole organization’s behavior. Navigate to the Assignments page where you will see options to download reports on your team’s activity for 4 types of information: Viewings, Assignments, Labs, and Logins. Clicking any one of these options will immediately generate and download an Excel spreadsheet showing your team’s statistics on the selected information. 

For more details on how to create customized reports for your users and teams, take a look at the Advanced Reporting and Walk-through article.

For more details on the Assignments feature check out these articles: 

Having trouble with your ProPortal?

Send Customer Success (Success@ITPro.TV) a message about the issue, we’d be happy to help.  

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