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ProPortal Assignments - Learner Experience
ProPortal Assignments - Learner Experience

Walk-through of the end-user experience of receiving an assignment.

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This article will walk through the end-user experience of receiving an Assignment via the ITPro ProPortal. 

During the assignment creation process, admins can choose whether or not their team will receive email notifications for new assignments. If they elect for e-mail notifications, your learners will receive an e-mail like the one below. The email will prompt the learner to log in to ITPro.TV to view the assignment. They'll also receive a link to our help article on Assignments. The email will come from '' and the subject will be ‘Your learning assignment – ITPro'. 

Once the user is logged in, they will see a new section added to the side panel of their User Dashboard.

On the Dashboard, users can see their assignment's name, due date, and progress bar.

Please note that all Assignments will be removed from the User Dashboard 15 days after the assigned due date.

Clicking on the Assignment's title will take the user to their assignment page. They will see an overall assignment progress bar as well as a list of all episodes included in the assignment. This is also where end-users will see the description of the assignment, context, and goals. These are critical when writing/editing Learning Module descriptions.
From here, they click the content to launch the viewing. 

Once the user launches the course, the assigned episodes can be identified by the green watch icon next to the episode titles on the right side of the page. Hovering the mouse cursor over the watch icon displays the assignment's due date. After completing an assigned episode, the icon on the left of the episode title changes to a checkmark once viewing is complete. 

Notes on Assignments

  • End-Users Clicking on ‘Mark as Viewed’ does not count towards viewing progress at this time, only active viewing time counts towards assignment progress

  • Prior viewing history will count towards viewings, so your learners don’t have to duplicate their efforts when you assign them a learning module. As seen in the example below (ProPortal view), this user previously watched 11% of the assigned content prior to the assignment

  • It is important to note that once your assignment's due date has passed, user data for that assignment will no longer be tracked. If one of your users watches part of the assignment after the due date, their activity will be tracked on individual episodes but it will not count towards assignment progress. If you need to see your user's viewing data from after an assignment due date, you will simply need to create a new assignment with an extended due date. Viewing data will be updated once a new assignment is created. Assignment progress will track through 11:59 PST of the designated due date.

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